Friday, November 21, 2014

Review TMAS Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes, These shoes are great Flat

A yesterday. I search for information on the TMAS Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes, so i have to tell.

TMAS Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

The 1 shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters Feiyue Martial Arts shoes have a simple durable canvas lace-up top and a padded yet light sole. The tread is perfect for all styles providing maximum traction for ultimate performance. Most of all you cannot beat the price. You can buy several pairs of Feiyue shoes for the price of a single pair of most other martial arts shoes. .... Read more or Check Price

Customer Reviews Purchased this product

Very pleased - bought for Parkour for my granddaughter - will need at least two more pairs next year by Kaye

These shoes have taken incredible and they are very nice to run in. I use them to Parkour / free ride because they are non-slip lightweight and very flexible by Michael McKinnon

These shoes are great Flat thin and not bow. The fund is slightly rounded when new but this flattens as they break in. by MJC


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